Na Kupuna

In Hawaiian culture, the vast knowledge held by elders is greatly valued. The foundation of this curriculum is based on ideas shared by members of three Hui.

The Hui, or focus groups were comprised of Kupuna, Hawaiian cultural resource experts, parents, teachers and staff. Through a collaborative process the three Hui met for several months sharing their mana‘o (insights) to ensure the content reflected Native Hawaiian cultural values, knowledge and teaching methods.

Hawi Hui

Earl Veloria, Kupuna
Rose Maeda, Kupuna
Esther Maeda, Kupuna
Dale Sproat, Kupuna
Kindy Sproat, Kupuna
Joe Cazimero, Kupuna
Amy Cazimero, Kupuna
Alfonso Mitchell, Kupuna

Keaukaha Hui

Catherine Wong, 6th grader teacher
Allyson Kiko, 6th grade resource teacher
Audrey Meyers, Kupuna
Isabelle Knutson, Kupuna
Terri Creighton, parent, educational aide
Eleanor Ahuna, Kupuna
Aloha Bezilla, ALU LIKE, Inc. staff
Abbie Napeahi, Kupuna & ALU LIKE, Inc. staff

North Kohala Hui

Armstrong Yamamoto, Kupuna
Marcelo Pagat, Science teacher
Wendy Nickl, Social Studies teacher
Cindy Manoske, Language Arts teacher
Veronica Pagat, Math teacher
Moana Grothmann, parent & school PCNC
Tracy Figueroa, parent & school nurse
Vivian Moku, Kupuna
Harris Moku, Kupuna
Audrey Veloria, Educator & Cultural Resource
Raylene Lancaster, Cultural Consultant & Curriculum writer

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